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A Bag is Full of Secrets

You know what, I will start this with a question: How many of you have watched the movie Mary Poppins? Do you remember the scene where she was able to literally take a folding armchair, blankets, and many other large items out of her bag? It was a magical carry-all carpetbag that impressed me when young and still gets my attention even now.

Growing up, high heels and bags were the go-to items for a little girl to put on and feel feminine, and that was the first interaction we all had with that side of ourselves (at least for some of us). Bags have always been a huge part of women's wardrobe and life; some even say that in a woman’s bag lays all her secrets.

We all have that one person who always has the most random things in their purse. My mother was one of these people until the creation of clutches, and even then, a woman is a woman, no matter how small the bag gets, and I loved that. From when I have a headache, to needing a makeover, to being hungry, everything is solved with the glorious zipper opening of the “bag”. (queue the choir music!)

The content within the bag does not change much, unlike its functionality that keeps wavering throughout the centuries of bag development in the fashion industry. Since I can remember holding bags, trends have been jumping back and forth over the years:

First, a bag should match your shoes and belt if you have one on.

Then, a new trend surfaced when brands decided to create “side bags” for casual days.

Years later we reached the point where the side bag was not simply casual anymore and could be used as an accessory to your cute dress when going to a party.

With the latest trend of using color and mixing patterns in style, the world of fashion is alive. Bags nowadays are no longer overruled by their functionality or even a fashion faux pas… As long as the clothing ensemble is on the right path, any bag would match it.

Fashion is a personal statement and bags are what make that statement complete and ready to be contemplated.

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Sara Kharbouch

Sara Kharbouch

Fashion is defined by everything; lifestyle, architecture and many other fields. In my case, fashion defines me. I analyze and look at things based on their shapes, colors and details. Being Moroccan helped me grow a great understanding of layering and accessorizing clothes. On the other hand, visiting European cities such as Paris, Milan and Barcelona nourished that same understanding of universal trends and enabled me to implement it to my own style.

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