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Sara Asks... Why do you go to the mall?

Do you go to the mall to buy specific items, or because shopping is your hobby? ”I'm not a shopaholic, I just have no priorities.” I will explain what it means, just don’t get it wrong - it's not like I shop with my rent money... I just go to the mall with no exact items defined to buy and end up getting stuff I don’t need, while I have a list of basics I need to check off my "wants list".     I think we established by now that my closet is my favorite place in the world, and to keep that love relationship going I should kill any possible boredom that might come between us and spice things...

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Sara Says... Boots Are For Every Season

Brands come up with a collection for every season for a reason - styles, colorful fabrics, and the amount of the skin covered differ. However, there were always some items that just don’t stay put in one season, such as boots. So, would you wear them in summer? Or you would pass on the possibility of sweaty feet? During my college days, I was a strong believer in the “fashion comes before comfort” concept. I truly never felt uncomfortable, but there are things that I just cannot do anymore, such as ripped jeans during winter or layering during summer. One thing that used to define my style was the boots during the sunny days with shorts or skirts, and now...

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Sara Says... From a Fashion Choice to a Must

#Wearadamnmask has been trending on social media for a while now, and we couldn't agree more with how important it is to wear a mask! You're keeping yourself and others safe during the scary Covid-19 times. And everyone is doing their best to be as understanding and caring as possible, even celebrities!

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