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Sara Says... Boots Are For Every Season

Brands come up with a collection for every season for a reason - styles, colorful fabrics, and the amount of the skin covered differ. However, there were always some items that just don’t stay put in one season, such as boots. So, would you wear them in summer? Or you would pass on the possibility of sweaty feet?

During my college days, I was a strong believer in the “fashion comes before comfort” concept. I truly never felt uncomfortable, but there are things that I just cannot do anymore, such as ripped jeans during winter or layering during summer. One thing that used to define my style was the boots during the sunny days with shorts or skirts, and now it would take me some great funky mood to even go there. I remember saying to my friends that I love shoes that feel heavy because it adds a certain attitude to one’s walk. Boots are very close to high heels when it comes to their effect on the whole look - they can both raise the look from casual to Rihanna casual kind of...

The question asked: How to wear boots with summer/spring clothes?

  • Shorts with a stylish t-shirt, the guns and roses style and a belt - you know, the type of look that makes you look very mysterious and interesting.

  • The bohemian look, which is one of my personal favorites - two layers at best, a kimono, shorts, and accessories, or the boho dress.

  • The party look, which was my go-to look and still true because at night it’s usually chilly, so a pair of boots wouldn’t affect your whole body temperature if that’s what you are scared of. A nice dress with boots will always make you look sexy without the need for high heels.

Boots are a full-on attitude, and I love attitude reflected through clothes. I kind of mentioned that a million times now, but I think I'm kind of at the point where I'm like attitude is an attitude, I’d rather wear my mules on a hot day. Still, when I'm not in the mood to show attitude through words, then my boots would make an appearance.

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    Sara Kharbouch

    Sara Kharbouch

    Fashion is defined by everything; lifestyle, architecture and many other fields. In my case, fashion defines me. I analyze and look at things based on their shapes, colors and details. Being Moroccan helped me grow a great understanding of layering and accessorizing clothes. On the other hand, visiting European cities such as Paris, Milan and Barcelona nourished that same understanding of universal trends and enabled me to implement it to my own style.

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