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Sara Says... Experience With Colors While You Can

Trends and styles may come and go, but following specific colors every season is fundamental in fashion. I'm sure at some point in life you have heard someone saying a similar expression to this: “yellow is so this season”. Or, “black is not adjacent to a summer day” (which I never agreed on by the way). So, what are seasonal colors, and how are they defined?

Seasonal colors are the tones reflected by the shades seen in the four seasons of nature. These colors are specific and have been defined since ever; each season has its own established set of colors. On the other hand, there is what I like to call “transitory colors”. For these shades, fashion decides which season it should be in, depending on the colors showcased on the runways of fashion weeks internationally.



When going to a mall at the beginning of a season, you will notice a specific color palette used in the new collections. Without Googling it, I believe that in the summer collection of 2020, orange, baby pink, red, and blue are used a lot, besides the perpetual black and white, and that is what makes fashion art.

Let me confess something to you – up until the past four years I was hung up on the base shades and nothing else, simply because anything other than black and white was too flashy for me. Apparently, God gave my taste another chance and I started appreciating colors and how uplifting they are to one's look and morphology. Some colors tend to make the person look thinner or fuller, tan or pale, or even glowy. Black for example never fails to create a slimming illusion that hides flaws (not that anybody needs to hide anything), while lighter colors give a larger frame illusion.

Every person out there should incorporate both seasonal colors and the trendy ones into his or her wardrobe. But still focusing on what fits you is what makes the look uplifted. Remember, the person is the one who wears the clothes, not the other way around.

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Sara Kharbouch

Sara Kharbouch

Fashion is defined by everything; lifestyle, architecture and many other fields. In my case, fashion defines me. I analyze and look at things based on their shapes, colors and details. Being Moroccan helped me grow a great understanding of layering and accessorizing clothes. On the other hand, visiting European cities such as Paris, Milan and Barcelona nourished that same understanding of universal trends and enabled me to implement it to my own style.

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