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Sara Says... From a Fashion Choice to a Must

In the fashion world, a good pair of jeans and an edgy pair of leather jackets are everyone's must-haves. Nowadays these standards have changed - masks and face shields joined the styling world and put the consumer in no choice but to wear them.

Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada have been producing masks for a decade at least, and it was mostly used as a fashion statement which could be seen in a Louis Vuitton runway inspired by art and nurses. It was something out of the ordinary and artistic. That same piece of artistic runway statement turned into a protective face cover from the spreading Covid-19 that we are not only advised to wear, but even required to wear in some places (not that I'm against it).

Today I find myself buying masks that would suit my clothes, which is really a dilemma. A plain white medical mask is good, but it doesn’t match outfits! I know that it sounds basic but I'm sure a lot of people are dealing with the same thing. Especially that this is a long-term commitment with the mask, we will have to integrate it into our lives and get used to it. Speaking about getting used to it, am I the only human in the world who feels like masks have an inverse relationship between protection and breathability? Also, am I the only one who the inside of her masks looks like a battle between my foundation and my lipstick?

During this period I started watching Korean and Chinese street style videos to get inspired by their endless creativity with the masks, especially that they have been dealing with its existence for ages. Now I'm looking at it differently, it's just another item to have fun with, and also have the choice to cover a bad face day, and because of it now makeup is even becoming a choice.

Accessories such as big earrings are on the bench currently, at least for me, because it feels weird wearing them with masks. My face feels and looks overdressed especially when I put glasses on... it looks like my closet is having a Zoom meeting on my face. The solution currently is to consider the mask as the main accessory and then style from there. Point is, put your mask on, look good doing it and let it reveal the mysterious part of you as Marty Rubin said, “behind every mask, there is a face and behind that a story.”

Please accept my sarcasm…


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Here are some famous people keeping up with the latest mask requirements and following the #WearaDamnMask trend on social media. 

1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

2. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

3. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

4. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

(all images from www.glamour.com/gallery/celebrities-wearing-face-mask)


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Sara Kharbouch

Sara Kharbouch

Fashion is defined by everything; lifestyle, architecture and many other fields. In my case, fashion defines me. I analyze and look at things based on their shapes, colors and details. Being Moroccan helped me grow a great understanding of layering and accessorizing clothes. On the other hand, visiting European cities such as Paris, Milan and Barcelona nourished that same understanding of universal trends and enabled me to implement it to my own style.

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