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When Concept Meets Fashion

In architecture, “form follows function” is a well-known statement by Louis Sullivan that means: the exterior of a building should embody its purpose. I always felt that this phrase has a similar meaning to a fashion philosophy of mine, “where I'm going defines what I'm wearing."

The dress code that determined rules such as wearing a dress to a party and leggings to the gym is the exact meaning of fashion meets concept. In my case, it's much deeper than that because I would dress according to not only the weather and occasion but also the location.

If I'm in Spain, I would go for maxi dresses, big earrings, and cute colorful bags that would remind me of the Park Guell color palette. If in Paris, then a red lipstick is inevitable, matched with a beret and a pleated skirt to portray the artistic part of the city on me. Concert clothing depends on the type of music. If its hard rock then I will go from Blair Waldorf to Jenny Humphrey in a split second. But if its pop music we are talking about, then millennial style is the easiest anyone can do, just crop everything.

I truly don’t remember when this thing started and I hope some of you can relate, otherwise my friends are right for sending me this meme…

Personally, I find living fashion concepts fun, and it frees me from my own style sometimes. We all have that one trend or color that we call “too much“ or “not for me” just because we feel anxious and out of our comfort zone wearing it, but it doesn’t mean it would not be perfect for a specific party or location.

In my opinion, limiting your choices in colors and trends does affect your confidence. Let’s take these two statements as an example:

“I love dark colors and I like simple clothes, and I have not and would never try different styles and colors because I think it draws attention, not that I did try it,”


“I love dark colors and I like simple clothes, and I'm open to trying other styles when I find something that would fit me.”

The difference between these two statements is that the second one is willing to go bold and experience something different. A personal style gets built correctly when a person lets it go through changes and let his or her mood and thinking impact their style.

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Sara Kharbouch

Sara Kharbouch

Fashion is defined by everything; lifestyle, architecture and many other fields. In my case, fashion defines me. I analyze and look at things based on their shapes, colors and details. Being Moroccan helped me grow a great understanding of layering and accessorizing clothes. On the other hand, visiting European cities such as Paris, Milan and Barcelona nourished that same understanding of universal trends and enabled me to implement it to my own style.

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